✍ Little story around my signature. ✍
I sign all my works “ALEXANDRE” contrary to the logo Art Chic & Sauvage Kubasik painter – sculptor that is found in my communication.📢
Since my beginnings, signing my first name is a choice.
It is instinctive, more intimate, a part of me goes to seal my passage on the canvas.❤️
Of course, it has evolved with time especially concerning the medium because today, everything is engraved on plate and this, since 2018.
To this several symbols:
In “ALEXANDRE” the A and the L form a treble clef 🎼
A nod to my passion and past as a musician 🥁
The last two digits of the year always appear in Roman numerals. XX
The direction of the letters pointing from the bottom left like an arrow rising diagonally to the right with a dynamic
momentum that underlines the energy.💥
Several manufacturing steps are necessary to make it.
Drilling, cutting, sanding, engraving, staining and drying.
It is a small work within a work.✨▪
Finally the final rendering is directly inspired by a MARSHALL oven mode amp head to add some gain and good punch to it all. 😊💯🐅

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