An artistic, musical, animal, geometric, technical and industrial adventure.
These are the influences that nourished and accompanied the artist throughout the creative process, which took 550 hours of hard work.

First of all, it was necessary to calculate the angles, to respect the dimensions of the study of the specifications, to create measuring instruments such as a giant compass with a simple yaw to trace the large circles of the engine.
With his Rolls Royce aircraft engine embedded in reinforced concrete, the corrosion and bronze splinters reinforce the rugged effect of the decor.

Alexandre imagined incorporating a black wolf’s head with a molten mane that recalls the power of thermal compression, with the desire to convey the dark side of the gaze, which is found in the film A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by director Stanley Kubrick.

Some important symbols borrowed from the world of jewellery, luxury and couture:
The MASERATI revisited Trident in the centre of the animal’s head, the shape of the ears of the ancient Egyptian god ANUBIS, their hairs inspired by the CONCORDE’s Y-sleeves with the mirrors of the former bar of the Hotel de Crillon in Paris by the sculptor César.

But also, the porthole frame with its 72 meticulously cut out blades recalls the Gustave EIFFEL style as well as the aluminium plates at the top of the painting called “centurion line” by the artist, are a nod to the stylist Paco RABANNE.

All of this in the desire to establish a marriage between the structured, framed, mathematical, aesthetic side and on the other, the freedom to let “chance” place its ruins, its rust, its features as it sees fit.
REAKTOR WOLF is without doubt the hardest and longest painting in terms of concentration and innovation ever made by Kubasik.

The lessons learned from this construction are all the more delicious when your heart, eyes and hands tell you STOP! Stop here, your work is done !

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