A look back at the SIAC Marseille 2022.

Warmth, conviviality, simplicity, splendid discovery from a human and geographical point of view and of course for its high artistic level.

These are the adjectives that come to me to summarise what I felt during these four days at the Parc Chanot.

I enjoyed welcoming the curious, attentive visitors, captivated by the details of my presentation in front of the Arc Chic & Sauvage collection, solidly selected for the event.

The children and their “Waouh” in front of KISSING PANDA, LITTLE TERROR, DAS JAGLIONI or even REAKTOR WOLF the masterpiece of the stand, left our space 46 with bags of sweets, postcards and wonder.

What a joy to experience!

From the curator Eve Genre, as well as to all the actors of this exhibition and exhibiting neighbours, I no longer count the number of thanks I have been able to say, thinking inwardly with gratitude for having found my way as a painter.

I measure at every moment the incredible luck to be surrounded by the family team Art Chic & Sauvage my mother Elisabeth and my sister Melanie who live and support the artistic adventure at my side since always.

As we left Marseille, with regret and a touch of nostalgia for these five intense days, we swore to ourselves that we would return with passion and enthusiasm to this region that has smiled upon us so much.

Thank you life.


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