My very first Raccoon joins the BABY ROCK WILD series of small animals.

Seen in the movie Dr. Dolittle with Eddie Murphy in 2001, this adorable mammal registered in a corner of my head.
At that time I was not a painter at all, but like a black box, we can keep in memory things, people, phenomena that mark you for life.
We all have an inner garden where different secrets of our life are found at the door of memories.
That is why this work is being shown again today.

At the heart of the painting are some important symbols :

  • An A.K. headlamp, which reminds us of the coalfield
  • The lower part of the animal in delta form, reminiscent of the wings of the CONCORDE air craft and its Snecma Olympus engines
  • The radiator grill in the centre of the BUGATTI car manufacturer

All this underlines the evolution, the technological beauty of the industry culminating in an exceptional know-how in all sectors.

This 40 x 40 cm piece, straight from the bowels of the earth, refers to the clip SONNE
(Sun in German) of the band RAMMSTEIN with its revisited version of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs.

Rammstein – Sonne (Official Video)

Finally, the story of this painting is a tribute to my illustrious grandfather Etienne KUBASIK (1910 – 1999), a miner who was sent to the depths of the earth at the age of 14 and then, cultivating his thirst for learning and passing on his knowledge, became a recognised and respected teacher of aeronautical electricity at the AIR FRANCE school in VILGÉNIS.

Etienne KUBASIK Grandfather of the artist

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