“Art is an experience that teaches us to constantly push back the limits.
Breaking codes, mixing know-how, breaking comfort, that’s my genetics.
Alexandre Kubasik.
Kubasik’s style seduces by its audacity and its refusal to stick to academic standards in order to give a new strength to animal portraits.
He dares the graphic shift, the 3D relief on painting associating different materials such as metal, Plexiglas plates…
Acrylic, pastel, pigments and oil are however his basic techniques for painting with the use of graphite pencils and colours.
As a former student of electrical engineering, he uses his background in the creative process, mainly with the help of electrical cables.
His contemporary animal figurative concept combined with his artistic practice gives way to the SCULPTURE PAINTING which present the animal in a modern, chic and industrial setting.
Design is at the heart of his approach, his works are inspired by fashion, aviation, luxury car mechanics, architecture and he has a real fascination for the world of jewellery and perfume.
This creator, faithful to his roots as a musician, animal lover and environmentalist, draws inspiration from everywhere to offer his vision to the world today.
The Art Chic & Sauvage.