Inscribed in his D.N.A., this is where the challenge begins.
To offer to the eyes of the spectators a painting of character while taking care of the complexity of the details brought by the smoothness and the elegance of the style.
KUBASIK’s figurative animal imprint marks by its singularity of the mix TABLEAU SCULPTURE “a two in one” which represents the animal in a modern, chic, embellished with noble materials such as bronze and aluminium…



Acrylic, pastel, pigments and oil are however his favourite “traditional” techniques for painting with the use of graphite pencils and colours on canvas.
A former student of electrical engineering, he uses his background in the creative process, mainly using electrical cables.
Each meticulously cut piece is thought out according to an evolutionary study during the assembly process without seeking absolute control.
The beauty of the spontaneous line married to the requirement works perfectly together, no duality. The two are complementary.



Design is at the heart of his aesthetic approach, his works are inspired by fashion, aeronautics, supercars, sport, architecture, volcanism and he is fascinated by the talents of contemporary artists who surround him with their genius, a vector of strong emotions.
Curiosity pushes him to open his mind to art crafts, which perpetuates exceptional know-how, an important generator for the artist, particularly in the field of fine jewellery and luxury watchmaking.
This inquisitive creator, lover of art and animals, concerned about the environment for our fragile planet, draws on this consuming passion that bubbles up to offer his vision to the world today.

L’Art Chic & Sauvage.


“There is a remarkable feature in complex circuits. Technological innovation, be it electrical, robotic or hydraulic, industry also knows how to give us its share of beauty.

In our space-time, Art is everywhere”

Alexandre KUBASIK



Alexandre in production in studio 2 “on” the artwork BABYLON STATION