Born in 1984, near Paris, Alexandre Kubasik was first a musician at the age of 12. 
The desire to compose, to create, idea after idea, was already there, buried somewhere. Nothing predestined him for a career as a painter, despite a pronounced taste for drawing.

Self-taught, his style was figurative, with women’s bodies as his first theme, certainly influenced by a influenced by a subtle feminine environment during her adolescence.

Her first works never left the private circle before the first exhibition in 2008.
Then came oil painting, after the consecration of a whole year studying this technique through art books, observing the paintings of masters and of course practising.

At the end of 2014, acrylics and the appearance of metal sculpture complete the painter’s arsenal.

With this new knowledge and the will to constantly enrich his desire to experiment, Kubasik finds his style as well as his main source of inspiration now inscribed in his genetic code: the wild animal kingdom.

In the autumn of 2018, the artist turned professional.

Always in search of innovations, his pictorial approach never ceases to evolve according to his encounters and readings. This openness to the world gives him ever more ambitious ideas.

Today, Alexandre Kubasik’s works are artistically mature and offer the viewer a unique pictorial particularity.