Born in 1984, just outside Paris, Alexandre KUBASIK came to art through music as a child.
An inner fire filled with hope and imagination awakened in him the idea of developing his ability to create his own universe by playing instruments.
A few years later, driven by the desire to continue his path in a different way, he definitively left music for drawing.
Self-taught, his attraction for the female figurative oriented him as the first anchor point in his career, the anatomical observation of bodies, expressions and significant moments in the life of the young painter have considerably sensitized him to an image, that of beauty.

Before daring to tackle his first cotton canvas, he studied oil painting carefully through art books, discovering techniques and materials, and went to museums between Paris and London in order to gather as much information as possible for this new medium which helped him to take a new step.



The year 2015 marked the arrival of acrylic paint as well as the appearance of metal sculpture which enriched the artist’s skills as a welder.
The time of maturation and this will to increase his emotional power through his collections, Alexandre KUBASIK finds his reference theme :  the wild animal kingdom.
A deep source of inspiration, opening the field of possibilities with a variety of infinite expressions on animal behaviour.



In autumn 2018, the artist became a professional and characterised his artistic signature by 3D on canvas with the use of collage.
Always in search of innovations, his pictorial approach never ceases to evolve over the years. This openness to the artistic world of his peers, today’s inspirers, pushes him to raise his level to offer his views to the public.
Today, Alexandre KUBASIK’s works enjoy an artistic maturity that offers the viewer a unique and flashy pictorial particularity.